EQUIP Cambodia




We Provide Educational & Vocational Training Opportunities


Young people who come to EQUIP Cambodia often have not finished their secondary education. If they are still of high school age we encourage them to graduate. Upon enrollment in school, some experience for the first time the discipline of  well managed classrooms of a local private high school as well as the rigors of school assignments, homework and examinations.







Once a young person has graduated from high school, he or she can choose to continue studying in university. With EQUIP Cambodia’s assistance, a suitable university and major of study is chosen for a student that will match his or her higher educational skills, interests and goals.















Vocational training opportunities are also available for those young people who come to EQUIP Cambodia beyond the age high school and for high school graduates who do not wish to study in university. EQUIP Cambodia partners with both Christian and secular organizations in the city who are providing vocational training opportunities. As tourism is the biggest industry in the city of Siem Reap, vocational training often involves equipping in an area such as hotel and restaurant skills. Upon the completion of vocational training and/or university study, we do our best to find gainful employment for our program graduates.



Generous donors provide funding for the post-secondary education or vocational training of our young people.