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We Host the Bread of Life Bed and Breakfast Training Facility



Siem Reap is the most “visited” city in Cambodia by both domestic and foreign tourists, receiving annually over three million visitors from countries around the world. In 2015 Siem Reap was the #2 World Destination according to Trip Advisor. For this reason, tourism is booming and the job market is hot.




Ankor Wat – World Heritage Site



In response to this boom, Equip Cambodia has partnered with Bread of Life Ministries to open the Bread of Life Bed & Breakfast in Siem Reap! We are a small, fully-furnished, boutique bed & breakfast beautifully equipped to accommodate a maximum of nine guests.


The purpose of the BOL Bed & Breakfast is much more than an opportunity to capitalize on the boom in tourism. We exist as a hands-on training facility for young Cambodian adults who wish to gain skills and to acquire jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry in Siem Reap and throughout Cambodia. Trainees in our program can specialize in hotel-related vocational skills, or skills acquired in our BOL Café. Both BOL and Equip Cambodia staff serve as trainers in English and other technical skills, as well as personal spiritual mentors for each trainee. Daily devotions and prayer are a part of the regular schedule of the BOL Bed & Breakfast and Café.




If you’re planning a visit in Siem Reap, please be our guest. Contact us at bolbnbcafe@gmail.com  for reservation and other information.