EQUIP Cambodia




We Support Marginalized and Disadvantaged Young Adults


EQUIP Cambodia’s target demographic is young Cambodian adults who, through life circumstances, have little or no opportunity to achieve the goal of a whole and healthy future. These life circumstances include extreme poverty, the death of one or both parents, domestic violence in the home, alcohol and other substance abuse, little or no access to educational and vocational training opportunities, poor physical, emotional and spiritual health.


In the context of a loving and secure Christian home environment, EQUIP Cambodia creates what is often the missing link in many young adults’ lives. Our staff assumes the role of “parents” to the young adults in our ministry, most of whom have never lived with the kinds of support, accountability, involvement, discipline and love that such an environment provides. Staff and young people live together as a family, sharing meals, responsibilities, life experiences and the ebbs and flows of normal and healthy family life. Depending on the individual age, educational, vocational and life needs and goals, a young person may live with our staff from 1 to 4 years.